Hey there everyone!!  Hope you are having a great day.  I was supposed to box today but we had a change in plans.  We ended up doing a Hiit workout which was ridiculously hard.  We changed things up because of my wrist.  I sleep really hard because of my meds and often times sleep with my neck and wrist bent in a crazy way.  When I do that to my wrist it gets so sore and it takes weeks for it to feel better.  So no right crosses or right hooks with T today – I so enjoy trying to make her stumble backwards!!  Anyway, the workout we did was crazy hard and I was begging my dog to lay under my stomach by the time we got to 60 second planks.  Support was needed.  I made it through and when we counted back down to 10 second planks it was a breeze.  There were squats, burpees, crunches, lunges, dips and several other exercises in-between those gazillion planks.  A good workout!

Health is so important.  On a regular basis we don’t think about it though do we?  I’ve been working out for several years but I never once considered the damage I was doing to myself diet wise.  I’ve explained all that and am moving forward with a better plan.  How often do we really think about how important it is to be healthy?  When I was heavy I would talk about it over and over – I was going to lose weight!  In the end the food I wanted at that particular moment was more important to me than health.  I still forget at times, I have to remind myself how important it is to do things right.  Remind myself that the reflection I see in the mirror isn’t what others see.  Not because I really care what people think but because I associate my size and weight in an odd way.  In my head, certain weights & sizes I view as healthy.  I am working past that and am learning to put health first!!!  Health.  Today, two people I love have told me how grateful they are for health.  We need to remember everyday that its important.  We need to take care of ourselves!!

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