Hey there everyone!  Hope your having a great day.  Getting some things done around the house today and I have done a workout at home.  One thing I HAD to do was watch last nights episode of American Horror Story.  It didn’t disappoint.  

I thought I was going to be really sore today after working out with T yesterday but I am actually pretty good.  Sometimes I swear her goal is to see if she can make it difficult for me to get out of bed the day after a workout.  I still get sore from time to time but what some people say about exercise is true – you will never be as sore as you were after the first time you worked out.  I will always remember those hard days that I had those first couple of weeks.  The days I struggled to get through an hour session without puking.  The memories are good though because I can see the outcome of all that hard work.  Sometimes I have to force myself to get a workout in.  I do it though because I don’t ever want to be back at the starting gate.  I remember struggling to do one push-up, having to sit down after 10 jump squats for fear of puking, and hardly being able to do a lunge.  I struggled and I don’t ever want to do that again. 

My stress level is so much better when I stay consistent with exercise.  Stress is a huge trigger for me with seizures.  I create my own stress, silly things – I actually live a very low-key life.  I joke with my friends about how their lives stress me out.  The running they do and all the errands etc.  It’s true though, I would totally stress out!!  So I keep exercise going, I remember how much better I feel after a workout.  I may be a scatter brained mess when I head to the gym but when I finish up I feel so much better!

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