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I’m so glad it’s Friday, I always enjoy the weekend with my family.  A beautiful day today but tomorrow is up in the air.  Currently it seems that we are going to have a 30 degree drop in temp. and 70 percent chance of rain.  We could wake tomorrow and have snow or warm sunshine.  Weather in VA changes every minute of the day. 

So, I was just telling my husband about my decision to continue blogging on a month to month basis.  He has encouraged me to keep it up and has reminded me of how much I have enjoyed my little project.  He said he couldn’t understand why I would consider stopping.  I can remember the feeling of excitement I had when I was preparing to start this project.  All the research I did and working on two computers at the same time.   I was watching youtube videos that explained what I needed to do and I was creating my blog on the other computer.  It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it.  I’ve enjoyed sharing my journey.  I’ve re-connected with people from my past and met new people.  It’s been incredible to find that so many of us out there struggle in same or similar ways.  

I think about where I was a year ago when I started my blog.  I was excited to give this thing a go.  I was prepared to tell you all how I came to lose 120 pounds.  I was ready to share the good, bad, ugly, funny and even raw details that I experienced along the way.  Unexpectedly I learned a lot about myself.  I was not prepared to go into detail about some of my really raw and somewhat deep feelings but I did.  I never intended to share the frustrations and anger.  I certainly never intended to tell you all how much T pissed me off at times.  I can tell you for certain that she never expected that either.  I also never meant to confess my fabulous diet secrets.  In doing all of that though I really learned a lot.  Trying to change my diet habits has been so difficult.  Doing what Tony tells me to do goes against everything that I did for years.  That’s just a whole other part to this crazy journey that I never expected to happen.  I never intended to change my diet habits, never thought I’d actually ask someone to help me.  Another lesson learned. 

Looking back and reflecting is really helping me to see the positive.  How far I have come, remembering why I did this.  I want to share the daily struggles but I want and need to remember to share the positives that I learn daily.  I’ve strayed from my blog because I have gotten really down on myself.  I’ve felt as though I have failed because I can’t maintain a weight of 138.  That’s what I weighed when I started this blog.  I can’t maintain it!  I’m 5′ 7″ and think I should be able to.  So on I go, sticking with the diet plan I’ve been given.  I’ll be successful and share those details with you. 

Stay focused and stick with your plan.  Meet your goals and never doubt that you will.  If you have negativity around you, step away.  A journey to health is your own journey, criticism from others doesn’t matter.  Take positive advice, information and support from those you feel comfortable with.  If you have been reading my blog since the beginning or you know me fairly well – let me remind you that I was once obese.  I am now at a healthy weight and body fat% and I work out 5 to 6 days a week.  I set a goal and I reached it.

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