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Oh you just gotta love Monday’s!!!!  No I don’t, not every Monday anyway.  We had a very cold weekend here on the east coast.  Saturday it was freezing and Sunday it was cold and rainy.  Today has been a bit of both.  Ready to start off a new week and attempt to keep myself organized in my head.  I will say that I haven’t gotten off to the best start.  We had a rough morning getting out the door and catching the bus on time.  We caught the bus but only because my neighbor’s held the bus and called out to us to hurry.  When we are running late I always make sure I open the garage door while we are putting on coats and grabbing bags, that’s my sign to them that we are in fact coming.  Tuesday we will do better!!

Last night I set up an account on Sparkpeople.  I have been using My Fitness Pal – a lot of people do.  I was just looking for something different, more for me.  It’s a pretty neat website and you can track calories, carbs, protein and fat.  I like how it’s laid out, so far anyway, so I’m going to keep searching through it and see how that goes.  I can tell you that their phone apps are not free, from what I have seen.  My Fitness Pal does have a free app but I don’t like a lot of apps on my phone so I wanted to try something different.  It’s just important that I can keep track of my calories, carbs, protein and fat.  

A workout at home today was done.  Usually go to the gym with T but she needed to change the time.  I couldn’t do the time she wanted.  Silliness on my part, I like to be home two hours prior to my daughter getting off the bus.  A few years back there were too many times when I just made it home in time to catch the bus.  The last time it happened I totally wigged!!  I said never again and that was that.  The older I get, the more the meds affect me, the less tolerant I become of certain things.  My priority is family and health.  T and I have pushed 1:30-2:00 before and my stomach would start to churn so I just know I have to stick with my window.  I make exceptions at times but it can’t be spontaneous.  It has to be planned.  I have to work myself up for it.  A Dr.’s appointment can have me stressed for weeks.  I hate having to plan for it and then go.  I’m much better on the weekends because my family is home so I can be much more flexible.  It does seem that I have established this radius that extends from my house and on a daily basis staying within that radius is what I am comfortable with.  My days are planned Monday thru Friday and that is what I stick with.

Realizing this about myself is good.  I place much less stress on myself.  Do some of these things seem weird?  Certainly.  Do I care?  Nope!  I can totally make fun of myself and move on.  This blog has helped me accept things.  Having epilepsy and working through what has come with weight loss – it’s all very positive.  I’ve laughed at myself before – though mostly it was because I was covering the sadness I felt from being overweight.  Now the laughter is real.   


(side note- if any of this makes no sense or is fuzzy, well thats cause I am at the moment.  Meds., sorry)  :-0

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