December 10, 2013

As I have blogged about, my commitment to my blog over all has not been 100%.  I’ve not given a full commitment to the diet plan that has been given to me.  I’ve been up and down for months.  This has left me with little to say.  However I have changed my focus and am truly working towards success.  I’m commited to finding something positive each day when it comes to health and I will continue on with health success.  We all try to manage are individual battles daily.  Sometimes they are similar and some very different. 

For me, I am currently monitoring my calories.  I am finally eating the amount that has been set.  Getting back to the amount of water intake is getting there and I can say that I have not cut calories since mid November.  Additionally, I have been good about exercising at home.

I’ve not talked much about my gym buddy lately.  Those who follow know that she was expecting a baby.  Her baby has been born and everyone is happy and healthy.  She will return to a gym schedule as soon as she is able.

I’ve been going to the gym with Leah.  She has been maintaining a consistent workout schedule. She’s come to realize that she actually wasn’t eating enough and is working towards maintaining consistency. 

I will report on the rest of my group when we catch up.  It’s been easy for us to fall off communicating with each other.  Our lives get so busy.  It’s my blog though and I haven’t kept this section up – I’ve got to reach out and ask how things are going.

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