Have you ever wondered why its ok to talk about some topics but not others?  For instance, why is it ok to tell someone they are too skinny but you can’t mention that someone is fat.  I’ve been one extreme to the other.  I never had anyone say to my face that I was fat.  I was and knew it but no one said it.  I did, however, have someone look at me and say “God you’re so skinny”, or something close to that.  This was said to me by an overweight person.  Why was that ok?  Why was it ok for this person to look at me and gasp and tell me I was so skinny?  What if I had said, Oh well your fat.  I would have been considered a rude bitch.  Was it not rude to have “skinny” said to me in a negative way?  What was said to me wasn’t said as a compliment nor was it said out of concern.  The wide eyes, gasp and just the way it was said made that clear.  I can speculate as to why it was said but quite honestly I don’t care.  I don’t care from a personal perspective, I’m not that sensitive so my feelings weren’t hurt.  I am curious though.  Having been fat and skinny, makes me wonder why saying one thing is acceptable but the other is not.  I was skinny, too skinny.  I was also fat, too fat.  Somehow skinny is ok, fat is not.  My emotional issues that encouraged me to want to be too skinny are no less important than the ones that cheered me on to being too fat.  So why is that ok?  Think about it, I do.

We never know a person’s situation.  My meds make me a rude bitch but I would never target a person’s size.

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