Happy Sunday everyone!

I am getting ready to start baking some cookies for my husband and daughter.  I am not making many this year, we each have a favorite and that is what I’m going to make.  Yesterday ended up being a rather busy day with dance.  Several of us Mom’s went shopping after dropping our daughters off at dance.  A re-stock of items needs to be done each year before the competition season starts.  After dance several of us had to make a run to the dance store for shoes, tights etc.  By the time we got home I didn’t have the energy or time to work on my site.  It appears it is going to take me longer than I thought to get my picture galleries fixed.  I’ll be working on it here and there and will let ya know when all is fixed.  Hopefully it will be much improved.

I am still feeling positive about the whole size thing.  I’m not fat.  I know I am not fat.  I don’t care what the scale says or what size my clothes are.  It’s ok that I don’t weigh 138 and that I am not wearing a size 6.  Am I repeating myself?  Yes!!!  I want it to stick.  My guess is that it’s been about a month of me eating consistently.  I’m itching to ask Tony when I will start losing a little.  I know I will but I don’t want it to be my focus.  He’ll check weight & body fat % here and there, I’m not going to let myself worry about it everyday.  Having my husband be my sounding board once again, I ran through my weight thoughts yesterday so he could re-assure me.  He always makes me feel better.  I’m starting to increase my exercise again, the workouts at home.  In some area’s I feel I’m literally starting over.  When I started this journey I tackled one thing at a time and I have had to do that again.  I’m still going to the gym but I am ready to push my home workouts harder now.  I’ve always done both, gym and home.  I’ve slacked off on home workouts while trying to tackle this food thing.  Once I get going in my gym at my house, I think I’ll see a few pounds, and that’s all I’m expecting, come off.  Then I’ll start looking more fit, which is my goal.  Fit and healthy.  I don’t want to be skinny and I don’t want to be fat.  Oh and my blog about skinny and fat, most people agreed.  A rude comment about skinny is just as offensive as one calling someone fat.  You just never know a person’s situation or struggles.  Enjoy you Sunday!


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