Good day all!!  I hope everyone is well.  Christmas is getting closer and I couldn’t be more excited!!  My husband and I are having so much fun shopping for our daughter and she is so excited for Christmas.

Today I had a Dr’s appointment with my Epileptologist.  It went swimmingly!!  No it really didn’t.  He seemed to be a touch annoyed with me.  He doesn’t understand why I have put surgery on the back burner right now.  I mean it really is just one of the easiest decisions ever right?  First off, can we talk about the fact that Dr.’s at UVA couldn’t really give me anymore info than I already had.  “We can’t say for sure”.  Oh, ok well I’d like to jump right in to having the next step done.  Please cut my head open, place electrodes on my brain, stop my meds and set me up in the hospital for two weeks.  Then we’ll see if surgery can be done.  A decision like this doesn’t just involve me.  It’s my husband and daughter who would be affected by me being gone for a couple of weeks and my parents having to come help.  I couldn’t make such a decision without my husband and he is totally against it right now.  It’s something we can’t think through.  Surgery for what though?  To be able to drive?  To take one less med than I do now?  I’m highly affected by stress and lack of sleep.  Is having surgery going to change that?  I’ve accepted that I’ll probably never drive again.  I most likely, even with surgery, will never be seizure free.  I will tell you that the thought of driving almost puts me in a panic.  My Dr has concerns about seizures getting worse, I get that.  It’s been almost 11 years since my diagnosis and they haven’t changed.  I could have done without him telling me that Sudden Un-expected Death is always a possibility with epilepsy, though not common.  I know my Dr. is frustrated, I can understand that.  Him pushing surgery and not understanding why I am not up for it – that frustrates me.

So, I am putting major efforts into a strict diet.  Not necessarily for weight loss purposes, though I am not going to complain if I drop a few pounds.  Diet has been known to help epileptics.  It obviously doesn’t rid us of epilepsy but it can help.  Some people have had a decrease in the number of seizures.  Tony has tried very hard to break through my skull and get me to understand the importance of diet.  I have made MANY half ass attempts to do what he says.  I’ve been doing really well lately, eating the right calories, carbs etc.  He has already had me doing lower carb but now wants me to watch simple carbs, get rid of the sugar spikes and crashes.  It won’t make my lesion go away but it may help cut out the number of seizures.  I told him I am in.  If there is a chance that it will help, I’ll do it.  I’m not ready for anyone to literally touch my brain.

Think about your diet.  Would you do what it takes to feel better on a daily basis?  Would you be willing to cut certain things from your diet if it meant you could avoid making a medical condition worse or avoid a surgery like mine?  It won’t be easy, it never is.  It wasn’t easy for me to cut the ties with Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream.  I did though.  Thing is, I can’t remember what Cherry Garcia tastes like but I sure do know how it feels to be over 100 pds lighter.


If you haven’t seen the new Special K campaign – Fight Fat Talk, it’s on my home page.  Check it out.

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