Hello!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  Relaxing and lots of family time.  Elizabeth got a Duck Dynasty board game from Santa and we have played it more times than I can count.

The new year is just around the corner and I am still trying to prepare my blog for the one year mark.  I believe it was January 2nd when I launched this project.  Some of my updates are not going well.  I have “plugins” that run on my blog and a couple have not been working correctly.  So on-ward I go with my efforts to fix that.

I am not a person who always makes new year resolutions.  Many people do and some people don’t believe in making them.  I’m not one who always makes them but not for any reason, just something I don’t always do.  In 2010 I did make one, I started working with T.  I wanted to get healthy.  Ok wait, I wanted to be skinny – let me be honest.  That resolution did not stick right away but I did make it work eventually, I lost weight.  I don’t need to ramble on about the skinny/healthy thing, you all know where I am with that.  Anyway, I haven’t made one since then.  I’m thinking but that’s all I can say right now. 

Resolutions can be great!!  Be realistic and set a reasonable goal if you are planning to make one.  I really do think they can be good.  Give it some thought and have a great new year celebration!!

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