a new week

  • Posted on January 26, 2014 at 7:06 pm

The last few days have been great!  I’ve stayed within my calorie range, no over eating or under eating.  I’ve worked out hard, I’m sore and I love it.  You will never find that one day is going to be better than another when making the decision to get healthy.  I decided Friday morning that I was done with my games.  I’m tired of battling myself.  I had a brief moment this morning, I wanted to step on the scale.  I didn’t do it, there is no reason.  So off we go with a great week ahead of us, yes?

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  1. Go get it Michelle, with you all the way! Thank you from stopping me from jumping off the cliff and helping me stay focused!

  2. Matthew Rose says:

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  3. michelle bey says:

    Of course Angie!! That cracked me up, I needed that!!!

  4. michelle bey says:

    Thanks for sharing. I will take a look. I haven’t used any type of weight loss supplement nor surgical procedures. I don’t think I will either. I’ve been fortunate to have a trainer at times, I’ve a hugh support system and someone willing to help me nutrition wise. I have clearly battled with some sort of eating disorder though not clinically diagnosed. It’s a hurdle I am getting over right now. Thanks for contacting and sharing – I always enjoy reading other peoples info.

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