It’s ok to feel great about ourselves right?

Almost one week.  I realize I’ve re-started countless times.  Thing is, I am really starting to think.  Not over-think, let me just be clear.  I’m thinking about whats good for my health. 

Commitment.  My commitment is to see this through.  There is no choice but to do it healthy.  I’ve committed myself, that’s it.

Confidence.  I believe I can do it.  I believe that in two months I will reach my goal and I WILL continue with my healthy lifestyle.  I feel confident about myself in general, it’s time I feel confident I can do this.

Consistency.  I will eat and exercise as I have been told to do.  No more up and down. 

I will stop myself dead in my tracks when I think about wavering.  I will remind myself of the above three words.  If you think that’s cheesy, I don’t care!  A couple of you have asked me how I get through the day, really get through.  Clearly I don’t always, however, I am on a good roll right now and I just can’t break it!!  I really feel good right now.  To show you how often I have to stop and talk myself through it, I am going to send a note out throughout the day.  Whenever I have to re-focus on my goals you will know.  You aren’t the only person that struggles with focus, just can’t let it get you down.  Lets get ourselves together and be successful!!

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