Today I was at the grocery store and I had this sudden and desperate urge to binge.  The thought in my head – I can get back on track tomorrow.  I started thinking about what I would love to have.  I wanted an over the moon amount of carbs.  I do eat carbs but I try to keep them in a certain range.  I wasn’t thinking about something small, I wanted to fill up the rest of my day with crap food.  The way this all came about was odd.  When I binge it is usually because I have cut way back on my calories for several days.  I haven’t done that, I have been doing good.  This 5 minute moment I had at the store was just an insane desire to eat whatever I wanted.  I was minutes away from flushing weeks of hard work down the toilet.  I turned my brain off for a moment and went to the fragrance aisle (not Yankee Candle Saz, glade plug-ins).  I re-grouped and reminded myself of what was more important.  My health and my family.  I ran all the comments through my head that give me a boost.  My favorite, the letters S. T. F. U. T.  Lets see if you can guess what they mean.  Have a great weekend!!

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