Hope everyone is well.  I’ve not shut my blog down nor have I given up on myself.  I’m still working toward my ultimate goal.  I’ve been working on a post for about two weeks but it’s not coming together the way I want.  I’m having a hard time getting the words to come out.  The short version – my views over the course of this long journey have changed.  Every time I think I’ve found peace within myself I realize I haven’t.  For two weeks I’ve been trying to type and explain things in a way that I hope you all can relate to.  A journey that has been hard yet at times exciting, frustrating but happy, feeling success and failure.  I thought once I reached my goal weight I’d finally feel success.  I thought I would never need to worry again.  I foolishly thought that seeing a certain number and wearing a certain size was going to make me feel content.  I thought the hard work would be over.  I thought there would be an end to this madness and I would easily stay a size 6/8.  I’m taking it all in and sorting through all of my old and new thoughts.  It’s helping.  I will finish my other post too.  Take care!!

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