Hi everyone!  Hope things are good.  A lot has been going on, busy busy.  The weather is finally starting to get better which is a fabulous thing!!

I’ve been to the gym with my buddy Bailey.  My fat was crying people.  A couple twitches going on but nothing that I couldn’t manage.  I’m still working on the post that I mentioned in my last blog.  I want to publish it but it just isn’t coming together.  I’ll get it right at some point.  I’ve been good with my diet and exercise.  I have my moments but I’m sticking to it.  It’s been a couple of weeks since l last needed a talk off the ledge so that’s good. 

March 26th was epilepsy awareness day.  I had so much support!  Thank you to each and every one of you for wearing purple and spreading awareness!  It is surprising to find that many people know very little about epilepsy.  I think many people are afraid of us, there is still a very negative stigma.  One of my friends who has epilepsy recently had several seizures.  Someone asked her why she doesn’t just double up on her meds so it doesn’t happen again.  Seriously?  If it were that easy believe me we would all be doing that!!!!  I don’t expect people to study up on epilepsy and know everything about it but seriously!  It’s exhausting having people think that all we have to do is take more medication to stop seizures and very frustrating having people act disgusted or freaked out by us having a seizure.  

That is the reason awareness is so important.  Some understanding about the condition, the seriousness of it and the need for a cure.  65 million people suffer from it and very little is done to find a cure.  You can’t look at me and know that I have epilepsy.  You only know if I tell you or if you witness a seizure.  We don’t look different but sometimes people treat us different.  People make assumptions about those of us with epilepsy and that would change if there was more awareness about the condition.  We don’t want sympathy, just understanding.  It is a serious condition but we don’t want to be feared. 

So a big thank you to all of you who showed support.  Wearing purple and spreading the word through social media, that is what we need!!  A “like” or comment on facebook, twitter or instagram – it will make a difference.

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