No gym today so I just rocked out some cardio and weights at home.  I’ve been so focused the last couple of days, it really feels great.  I’m looking forward to having my chicken and rice here shortly.  I’m seriously not joking.  At first I didn’t take that food suggestion as the best option but when I ask for help I should do what I’m told right?  Otherwise I’m just an askhole – ask for advice but don’t take it.  B shared that one with me.  Anyway, I’ve had the last few days planned out regarding food and I haven’t wavered from it.  I can’t leave myself with moment by moment choices.  If I have no plan in place, I will starve or binge.  Since I still tend to punish myself when I feel like I have failed, it’s best to have everything planned out in advanced.  I’m going to continue taking it day by day but I feel like I am making positive strides.  At some point I know I will have to address the fact that I am still rather critical of my appearance.  I think that I’ll be able to work through that whole issue as I stay more consistent with diet and exercise.

I am in a much better mood now, I haven’t had the mood swings like I was.  Starving makes you grouchy!!!  Feeling like a failure makes you feel grouchy too.  So keep rolling with the good and let the bad go.  You can make changes to improve your health!!!

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