Hello!!  A long time away yet again!!  I’ve been very busy the last few weeks and haven’t stopped to blog.  I need to get back to painting so I am going to be quick today.  The newest info.  – I am participating in a weight loss challenge that my gym is having.  Of course Bailey is doing it and her sister too.  Leah is in on our side bets as well.  There is no doing this half-ass!!  I have great motivation most of the time but I have my struggles which I have shared.  I am however a wicked fierce competitor.  I LOVE competition.  I was a gymnast for years, guess that is where that comes from.  Not a good idea to tell me I can’t do something.  My friend Ann and I can’t workout together without competing at some point.  So, it will be a weekly weigh in for 9 weeks I believe.  OF COURSE I don’t know what I weigh, I’ll leave that to Tony.  I want to try and keep my mind off the # and just do well.  I’ve actually done better with my diet over the last several weeks.  A trip up here and there but overall better.  I’m ready to give this a go!  I know I am my own competition but a little healthy competition for me, always a good thing!! 🙂

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