0408133(Ebey w/her cousin Allison at the beach.)

Another workout done and today we’ll be heading out into the heat.  It’s going to be so hot today so we’ve decided to head to the pool.  Friends are coming along so it will be fun.  I’ve been struggling a bit lately with the sun.  Well, I’ve had an issue with the sun for a while now.  I worry about getting too much sun because I don’t want wrinkles!  Recently, though, the actual sunlight has started bothering me.  When it shines from behind trees and sort of flashes, that drives my brain crazy.  The pool water too.  If the sun shines really bright on the pool water and I see it reflect, ugh I wanna come out of my skin.  So I sit in the shade and try not to focus on the light, I am trying to make it work.  Today will be a good day to test myself, it’s going to be so hot I am probably going to have to get in the pool.  I know a lot of people with epilepsy have problems with heat, it can be a seizure trigger.  I haven’t experienced that.  Flashing lights are another trigger, I do have trouble with that.  I am hoping this sun thing is a passing thing!  Sometimes with epilepsy you just never know what will cause you to feel strange.  Have a good day everyone!  We crushed the workout, now time for some fun.

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