The weight loss challenge that I was doing is over.   I didn’t win, not even close.  My girl Bailey won!!  She crushed it!!  I couldn’t be more proud of my gym buddy.  She worked hard and never lost her motivation, she deserves this win!!! 

Some lessons were learned and that is a positive.  One thing, the Michelle diet is never going to work.  I’m only playing games with myself, cheating myself but I keep doing it.  I want Tony to help me work through this and I know he’s going to be able to tell when I am not doing what he says – I still push it though.  He seriously knows, every time!!!!  I will never fool him but I try.  Why?   

Today I said that I was going to stick to the plan for two weeks.  I keep saying I will but until I actually do it I don’t think he is going to believe me.  I’m focusing on a two-week window.  One day at a time.  Today has been good!

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