Hello everyone!!  Hope all is well.  Getting straight to the point!  On the 14th I posted a blog and said I was going to stick to Tony’s plan – 2 weeks straight.  1400 calories – that’s all I had/have to do right now.  I do pay attention to protein, carbs and fat but the main thing being that I eat 1400 calories everyday. Well I did it.  Weighed yesterday and I was down 5 lbs.  How about that?!  Eat and lose weight, crazy!!  My history is to usually starve after a weigh-in and push for faster weight loss but I’ve said I won’t do it this time.  I knew this already and I’ve said it before, Tony is right.

Now I face the next two weeks.  As I said above my history isn’t good following a weigh-in.  I’ve eaten today though and feel good about it.  First hurdle right there!!  Cutting back crosses my mind but not as often.  More importantly, I am not acting on the desire to do so. 

I have been telling myself that I am not fat.  Not sure I totally believe it yet but I am getting there.  At 258 I thought I was fat and at 138 I thought I was fat too.  I no longer weigh 138 but I’m not even close to 258 pds.  I will get where I want to be.  I want back in the 140’s but I will do it the right way this time.  I am trying to make it less about the number and more about fitness.  Two weeks to get through, when I break it down it somehow makes it easier right now.  Adjusting my brain!!

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