Well September has come and gone, I can’t believe it!!  I’m trying to remember where I left off with my blog.  I generally try to have idea’s in my head, what I want to say in up coming posts.  The lasts two weekends have been busy so I have been distracted.  I told you that at my last weigh-in I was down 2 lbs. and was really excited – that was on September 26th.  Following my weigh- in, I was talking with Tony and told him that I have no motivation.  Bailey confirmed it, she knows I’ve changed and she told him so.  She knows I don’t really care and If she wasn’t driving me to the gym I wouldn’t go.  I try really hard to care about my health, I want to but lately I just can’t make it happen.  I don’t really sleep but I just don’t move about and get things done like I used to.  I used to come home from the gym, put music on and get shit done around the house.  I was very productive.  Lately I’ve just been sitting.  I mean, I’m all about crushing a nap now and then but this has been ridiculous!  My husband has been supportive and tries helping me work through.  I’ve said several times that I’m in a rut but boy it has been a long one.

Anyway, after weighing in on 9/26 Tony suggested I have my thyroid checked.  I went to the Dr. Monday and just found out yesterday that my thyroid is indeed off.  I have hypothyroidism.  I’m not thrilled but I have to say I am happy to know that shortly I will be feeling better.  I should have known that something was off, it’s not normal for me to just want to sit all day.  I just thought I would work through this sluggish mode I was in.  I wasn’t listening to what my body was saying.  I’m on another medication now but I’ll take it if it’s going to make me feel better.  Looking forward to feeling more positive and doing more moving then sitting.  I am going to need an hour to sit on Wednesday’s at 10pm and Saturday’s at 10pm, gotta watch American Horror Story and Pit Bulls and Parolees!!!

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