To lighten my mood, the above picture is of me in my fav spot.  This is where I have been hanging out the last few months.  That will all change soon and I will back to my normal self.  Blasting Josh Groban music and projects around the house.  So apparently my website has had some issues the last few days.  I’ve been told that people weren’t able to access it from mobile devices.  It was something with the Host I use and there was nothing I could do about it – just had to wait.  Anyway I believe its working correctly.

I told you all that I have hypothyroidism, found that out on Tuesday.  I have been taking Levothyroxine for 4 days now and I can’t say that I notice a huge difference.  I don’t expect instant change but I am anxious.  I guess the fact that I am blogging is a good thing – I haven’t wanted to do that much lately!!!  I understand that the signs of hypothyroidism can start very gradually.  It can take months for people to realize that something may be wrong.  Reflecting back, I can totally see it.  Basically everything slowed for me.  It happened over many months and I just didn’t realize it.  I basically just stopped getting things done.  I attributed it to a funk, epilepsy meds and to adjustments in my weight.  I was trying to change my dieting habits from bad to good, it was very frustrating.  I just thought my frustration was causing me to feel down.  I had battled Tony’s dieting rules for over a year – anyone would be frustrated right?  As I said in my last post, when I weighed on 9/26, Tony suggested I get my thyroid checked.  When Bailey and I went to the gym and I told him the results he wasn’t really surprised.  He told me what my weight fluctuation had been over the last 2 or 3 months and Bailey and I about died!!  He said it was almost impossible.  Even if I had been lying to him it was almost impossible to pull off what I did.

As always I share details for a reason.  In this case, I encourage you to not brush off the changes in your mood or body.  Drastic changes.  We all have a bad day, have periods when we don’t feel like working as hard etc.  We just really need to pay attention.  I’ve had times in my life when I made the choice to sit around and eat and not exercise.  This isn’t one of those times.  I should have known.  I was beating myself up, calling myself lazy.  This time it was different and I should have seen it.  Please take care of yourself!!!!  Pay attention to the signs your body is giving you.

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