Some times when I blog I can not come up with a title.  I’m certain there are times when the title makes no sense!  Today I’ve got nothing in terms of a title name so I’m going with “update”.  Nothing crazy new really.  I guess I’ve been taking thyroid medication for a week now.  Not any huge changes.  I have had a couple of days where I have had a bit more energy and I was productive.  So that is at least a step in the right direction.  I have been prescribed an additional medication, basically a water pill.  Though some weight gain over the last year was intentional, I’ve had drastic fluctuations.  Water retention is a problem for those with hypothyroidism.  Plus my anti-seizure meds can also cause water retention as well.  It’s been hard to process and accept the weight I intended to gain so I could be healthy.  Now I face water weight and extra pounds because my thyroid doesn’t function.  Most days Bailey and I bust our asses at the gym.  Seeing nothing change is frustrating.  I know I have to stick it out and I know in the end it will be fine.  I’m not going to try crazy short cuts because I know that type of weight loss will never be permanent.  Go back through my pic.’s & you can see it.  For all I know my years of starving and bingeing is what has brought me here.  Maybe I caused my thyroid to become under-active, whose to say.  Tony told me I F’d my system up.  I never thought he was joking but its scary when you find out there really is a problem.  This is minor, I don’t mean it all dramatic like.  I do think about it though – my obsession for a certain number and size may have caused this.

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