A short time ago Bailey and I had this great idea!  We wanted to really challenge ourselves and try something new!!  I believe we found it.

We both had participated in the weight loss challenge at our gym which proved to be very successful.  We both felt like we really got something out of it.  Bailey won the prize and has continued to maintain her goal weight.  She found that good fit weight that works for her and she can maintain it.  Ultimately I think that’s what most of us want.  I didn’t reach my weight goal but like Bailey, I learned that it really isn’t the number it’s how you look and feel.  Fit and healthy.  I’m still working on it and if you’ve kept up with my blog you know there are many issues.

Since the weight loss challenge ended, we both have struggled to get our focus back.  We both like using our gym time to bust ass but we haven’t been quite as focused.  We’ve both had a lot going on and sometimes we just haven’t gotten to the gym.  We have gone back and forth about getting back into our serious mode.  My cousin once told me to set a goal every few months.  Not a weight goal but something to work towards.  That is what Bailey and I decided we needed to do.  We decided we wanted to step out of the box and do something different.  We are big fans of Chady Dunmore, she is the lady that does the Fitmiss workouts that I have blogged about – we often do them at the gym.  I started surfing through her instagram page and boom there it was, the challenge me and B needed to do.  Chady has a fitness partner, Ashley, and they do all kinds of cool fitness stuff together.  They do various fitness camps and it just so happens that Ashley is from this area.  B and I found out that they were coming here and we decided that was our goal.  A fitness camp with Chady & Ashley!!  So it is happening, we are doing one of their fitness camps.  This one just so happens to be for charity.  Extra awesome!  They support various causes and each fitness charity camp is usually for something different.

I will say, and I think Bailey will agree, we haven’t worked out as hard as we planned prior to attending this camp.  Various reasons have kept us away from the gym.  We have both accepted the fact that we are going to go and get our asses kicked!  I do believe this camp will help us get back to the place we want to be.  We will be motivated and we will use our gym time wisely like we once did!!  That’s always been our whole plan.  It’s totally fine that the ass kicking is coming first.

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