Good afternoon everyone!  Well a crazy weekend has past!  Daughter had a dance competition and that kept us busy.  I just started getting back into this blog of mine, trying not to put it on the back burner again and of course I am continuing on with my battle of the bulge.

Currently what is new with this forever long journey of mine?  Well, I am participating in a weight loss challenge that is being held at the gym.  I am approaching it differently this time.  I am not setting any crazy goals.  The weight loss challenge I did last summer was not great.  I set goals and said they were realistic but they weren’t.  I have always been that person that totally thinks a person can lose 25 pds in a week.   I mean why not?  That seems realistic right?  Well I know better now but my insane prior thought process is why I am where I am today.  I have made progress with my whole “diet issues” thing.  I just want this weight loss challenge to help me keep moving forward.  I’m looking for progress plain and simple.  Accountability helps me do that.  A bad week or good week, it keeps me going.

So lets go ahead and discuss the reason for me calling this blog “reset and recover”?  As I mentioned earlier, my daughter had a dance competition over the weekend.  These things go all day!!  You are already figuring out where I am going right?  Two steps forward and three steps back.  I had been doing really good and I was dropping a reasonable amount of weight.  As usual I decided to screw up all success and not plan things out well.  I mean I did plan but my plan was shit eating!  So at weigh-in yesterday I wasn’t surprised to find out that I had a gain.  I kinda tried to pretend that I didn’t know why I had screwed up!!!  Even more pathetic is that I actually tried, for about 30 seconds, to convince Tony that I was shocked and had no idea what happened!  Bailey didn’t even try and help me out!!!  He finally asked me if I was done and then he told me exactly what I did!!!  This isn’t exact wording but close – so what you’re saying is you didn’t plan, calories were low but what you ate was shit, you drank soda, no water and had a lot of coffee?  Yes was all I could say.  Bailey didn’t say anything but her silence could basically be interpreted as – yeah, what he said!  I’ve asked for Tony’s help and Bailey encourages me everyday, so reset and recover!  #riseabove

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