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Hi everyone!  Hope all is well.  Above is a book I have that has some really yummy recipes.  I am not following the diet as written in the book.  I am using the healthier recipes.  The one I posted is really good.  I made it the other night and really liked it.  Plus it was really filling.

I am doing spring cleaning in my house!!  Cleaning from top to bottom and throwing a lot of crap out.  I am really motivated right now and want to keep the flow going.  I cleaned all day yesterday and it made such a difference.  We have added fat burn back into our exercise routine along with the very challenging workouts by Chady Dunmore.  My legs are killing me but I am glad.  I know cleaning yesterday added to my calorie burn.  It’s surprising how some deep cleaning can make you feel better.

I will be adding my section on recipes back to my blog and I will include the above recipe.  Have a great day!!  #riseabove


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