Afternoon all!!  I am trying to keep up with my blog but yesterday it wasn’t working.  By that I mean it literally wasn’t working once I logged in.  All seems to be good today so I wanted to do a quick post before the weekend.

I rolled into last weekend feeling good and when I weighed in on Monday I had lost weight.  I am feeling the same today.  It’s been a busy week, I didn’t make it to the gym a couple of days but I did things at home.  I am also staying very busy working on things around our house.  Moving makes a difference no matter how minor it may seem.

Keep your eyes on your end goal and be proud of every success.  I am really trying to enjoy this process.  I didn’t do that very often when I lost weight a couple of years back.  I was too concerned with the end number, too worried about what else I could do to make weight fall off faster.  I didn’t appreciate the various steps of the “Journey”.   It was more of a punishment.  I was resentful and angry.  NOW I can see that a lot of that journey was my way of punishing myself for being fat.  Not this time though.  I am going to be happy and proud of myself for every success no matter how small.  Have a great weekend and enjoy every good moment!

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