How was your weekend?  Ready to take on another week?  I didn’t feel great over the weekend – like many people, I have had a cold.  A minor thing of course but in terms of diet and exercise it did mess me up a bit.  Today was weigh-in and I was a little concerned.  Thankfully my weight didn’t change.  A weight loss was obviously my goal but given the fact that I barely moved, well, I’ll take it.  No weight gain!

I’m not freaked out.  I’m not upset.  I don’t feel the need to over-think everything and make a new plan.  That would of course be my usual next step.  I’m good though.  Everyday it gets easier.  I can take this whole diet/weight thing and keep moving forward.

After Bailey and I weighed in we talked with Tony for a second.  He usually gives us suggestions, words of encouragement etc.  Today we briefly talked about a show that was on last night.  It was about a lady who was anorexic.  I had watched part of the story and he had read about it.  It was very sad, I was so sad for this lady.  When I was really pushing to drop weight and trying to reach a certain number, I wasn’t close to the weight this lady was.  I certainly could relate to the intense desire to try and get there.  Seeing things about your body that you think are so wrong and having others not understand what you’re talking about.  I turned the show off, I don’t know what happened to her.  I said to Tony and Bailey that I wasn’t that bad and he said no but when was it going to be enough?  138 would need to be 134 then 128 and on.  He was right.  So, maybe no weight loss last week but I am absolutely coping with it and ready to give this week my best!  Have a great day!! #riseabove

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