Back from spring break and getting into a regular grove.  The weight loss challenge at the gym ends on the 20th.  The final weigh in!!  I don’t expect to win but hopefully I will FEEL like I have gained more control.  I have to say that the last week and a half has been difficult.  Difficult in my head really.  Too much over thinking, kinda beating myself up for being where I am health wise.  I am hanging on but I just get so mad!!   Just this diet chaos hell that I turn it all into.  Wanting instant results never goes away.

I am going to share a picture that I found.  It’s pretty bad.  One of my highest weights.  Have a little looksie!!!


Now maybe you understand?  This is what I fear, the direction I may be headed.  Hoping this little reminder will help me turn my shit around and get serious.  Stop over thinking and just do what is right!  Do what I have been told will work.  Have a good one!  #riseabove

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