How’s it going everyone?  Pretty good here.  Nothing crazy or new going on.  Doing my best to get back in a good groove but I’m not successful everyday.  That actually sounds kind of funny though doesn’t it?  I’m doing my best but I’m not successful? Let’s be honest, if I was doing my best I would actually be successful right?  I’m not down about it, I’m not sad.  I’m just trying to work it out.  I guess a lot of us are though.

I appreciate all the support I received after my last blog.  So many nice comments and e-mails.  I just blog my thoughts.  I know that when you sometimes read you probably think I’m upset and down.  I am not.  I get super frustrated but I’m not unhappy.  It’s frustration, that’s the best word to describe how I feel when it comes to my health.  It doesn’t come easy to me.  I don’t have the natural desire to eat right.  I wanna eat sweets and drink soda.  So I have to work.  It’s ok though, I don’t mind.  A lot of us are frustrated and that is why I blog.  Many of us have to make a conscious effort to watch what we eat.  To not over-eat.  My blog is meant to help your realize you are not alone.  So thank you again for the nice words and support.  I speak from a sarcastic tone most of the time.  Sometimes I am upset when I blog but its out of frustration not sadness.  #riseabove

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