Every morning during the school week, I get up and follow the same routine.  I make coffee right away so I can sit, drink coffee and wake up.  Many days I find my thoughts trailing off in hundred’s of different directions.  I think about my health often, telling myself that I can make the progress that I want to make.  I was very recently thinking about my weight loss from a year or so ago.  I was so focused at that time.  I was focused on me and my family.  What was best for us.  I knew I needed to get healthy for me but for my family too.  Thinking of my husband and our child is what gave me that final push.  At that time, I didn’t allow myself to be distracted by things that did not concern me.  I focused on my life and those close to me.  With the exception of my family and a few very close friends, I probably seemed selfish.  I did not care though.  The simplest of things like social media, for example, can pull our attention in a negative direction – AND that is just one example!!  I was able to see that once and I handled it.  Time for me to do it again.  #riseabove



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