Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!!  I approached Thanksgiving day with every intention of eating as much stuffing as humanly possible.  I was indeed successful!!  I ate so much that I was full the next morning when I woke up.  Pretty good sign that I ate too much the day before.  With my need for Thanksgiving dressing taken care of, I am ready to move forward and tackle my next goal.  My next goal does not involve eating as many Christmas cookies as I can shove in my dumb mouth!!  I’m going with something a little better.  A healthy challenge starting today with Bailey.  One could argue that its dumb for us to do this now around the holidays!!!  It will make it extra challenging, nonetheless it is on.  Deadline is February 1st.

Why should it be such a challenge for me, getting my eating under control?  Eating is an annoying thing.  It is for me anyway.  I hate what it means to me, all or nothing.  Just like with the stuffing, I couldn’t get enough. Why?  Just gross.  I bring it up but now I don’t really feel like saying anymore.  It’s just such an annoyance to me.

I’m also being weaned off Dilantin right now, that doesn’t help my mood!  Dilantin is one of my seizure meds.  I’ve never done well on it so I am happy my Dr. is taking me off of it.  My latest MRI revealed some spotting on my brain.  Long Term use of Dilantin can cause cerebellar atrophy so the decision was made to call it quits.  Epilepsy was a driving force behind me working so hard to lose weight last time.

It really is time for me to get serious.  I have health issues and I really need to continue tackling my eating issue.  The holidays are a not the ideal time but I can’t keep putting it off.  #riseabove

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