I’m on day three of this challenge and it’s proving to be a true CHALLENGE!!  I’m hanging in there but I want this so badly, I want to do it right so it sticks this time.  So what’s the problem?  Well, I’m on the verge of making classic mistakes!!  I’m a little tempted to revert to old eating ways but I’m working through that.  My bigger problem is that I want to over analyze everything I am doing.  That always leads to failure.  I put so much pressure on myself.  To be honest, there are some things that I can’t afford to slip up on.  I know I have to be spot on when it comes to starving & bingeing, I just can’t do it.  Getting out of my own head is a problem.  I’m stressing about how much I’m taking in – protein, carbs & fats.  Yesterday I know I had too many carbs.  My calories were good but my carbs were too high.  The choice is mine!!!  Make better choices dummy!!!!  #riseabove

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