Howdy people!  I’ve been rather silent haven’t I?!  I’ve had a lot going on, just like everyone else in the world, so blogging hasn’t been on my mind.  Life is full of up’s and down’s and I’ve been consumed with various things that have been thrown at me and my family.  Things can always be worse but when you are living in that moment it can be hard to remember that.

This blog is about my weight and struggles to stay healthy so let me get to that.  It has totally sucked lately!!!!  As a reminder, I lost a ton of weight exercising and starving myself.  Great plan right?  No, cause I couldn’t stick that out.  I reached out for help and started working towards eating right and exercising.  It was a great plan but I couldn’t stick to it.  I would go back and forth between eating and starving.  During that time I gained weight.  I got called out, I had to acknowledge that I wasn’t being honest, yet again, and I had to make the choice to commit.  I wasn’t ready.  I wanted magic, immediate results.  I was on my own until I was ready to do things right.

I basically did nothing.  I went to the gym with Bailey.  I would half-ass workout and then just pretty much ate as I wanted.  I became so addicted to food again.  My Dad passed away, which I still haven’t really dealt with.  I shoved it all down with food and soda.  I ate the hurt away.  I’ve probably gained 40 pds since my Dad passed.  Not to mention the weight I had gained prior to that.

Last week, Wednesday night, my Mom and I were sitting watching the show My 600 lb life.  I was watching this guy eat whatever he wanted and I thought – I’m no different.  When am I’m going to stop?  The next day I went to lunch with my friend Ann.  She said to me “Shellieboo, you can do this!  You’ve done it before.  Though you didn’t eat right, you committed”.  That night I decided it was time to reach out to Tony again.  I told my husband my plan.  It was time to get healthy for myself and my family.

I went to the gym Friday morning September 16th.  Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous to talk to Tony cause I’d been such a pain in the ass in the past.  I was committed though so I went straight into Tony’s office and asked him for help.  He asked me what my go to foods are.  Sweets!!!  Cookies and cake!!  He told me to remove all sugar from my diet and gave me a list of foods to eat for the next 30 days.  I also had to stop drinking soda.  He said he’d help me as long as I try.  It’s been one week.  I have not cheated or lied.  I started on September 16th and I weighed today, September 23rd and I have lost 18 pds.  I’m not starving either.  I’m not going hungry.  I admit I had a couple rough days.  Sugar withdrawal!!  It was awful.  I have craved a soda a couple of times but I haven’t given in.

Next Friday I will be taking a second picture.  Tony told me to take a pic of myself last Friday and then another two weeks later.  I will post them next week.  So for those of you struggling like me – acknowledge, make a plan or ask for help and then commit!  #riseabove

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