Hello all!  Today is two weeks since I dropped sugar from my diet.  No soda, no sugar & no carbs.  I have eaten eggs, lean meats and veggies.  It wasn’t easy, a few days were rather tough quite frankly but I stuck it out.  Today I weighed and I lost 22 pds.  I am excited to stick with it.  I am not going to go crazy and blow this.  I don’t feel hungry all the time like I used to when I was shoving sugar and shit in my face.  In a few weeks if I continue to following the plan as Tony said, he might let me add some fruits.  I bet it will taste as good as freaking Swiss cake rolls!!!  Not joking either.  In my last post I said I would add pictures.  So I’ve included the picture taken two weeks ago and the one taken today.  Have a great weekend.  #riseabove



Left 9/16           Right 9/30

(I was heading to gym, bad hair & no make-up)


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