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6 weeks and still avoiding sugar!!

  • Posted on October 28, 2016 at 11:33 am


Today marks 6 weeks since I stopped eating sugar.   I have lost a total of 34 pounds.  From 10/21 to 10/28 I lost 6 pounds.  Cravings for sugar are pretty much gone.  I occasionally crave a soda but for the most part it’s much easier.

Going to the grocery store is so much easier as well.  I don’t fine myself wishing I could eat certain foods.  I have found new foods that taste great and are on the list of foods I am allowed to have. This past Sunday we had steak & asparagus for dinner and it was delicious.  I definitely ate more steak than my husband & I still lost weight.  I am loving avocados and am completely obsessed with the Onnit MCT oil that I put in my coffee.

This has been a life changing diet for me.  I truly didn’t think it was possible to lose weight and eat.  Over the past 4 years, no matter what Tony said to me, I just couldn’t make myself commit to a healthy diet.  I wanted to do what he said but I just couldn’t do it without starving and then bingeing.  I’ve spent 4 years wasting his time and mine.

It is time for me to let that all go.  Of course I’m annoyed that at Halloween 4 years ago I weighed around 138 pounds but there is nothing I can do about it now.  I need to focus on my success now and just be happy with it.  Have a great weekend!  Happy Halloween!  #riseabove

Under Armour – Rule Yourself with Michael Phelps

  • Posted on October 26, 2016 at 3:35 pm

If you haven’t seen this, watch. It’s motivational. Rule Yourself – I love that!!!

4 more pounds! Thx Bailey

  • Posted on October 24, 2016 at 2:46 pm


Such a beautiful day today in Chesapeake!!!  I decided to sit down in front of the open windows and blog.  Enjoy the fresh air, watch a Halloween movie and write.  Then this happened.  Milly decided she wanted a front row seat!  She’s on the back of the couch and occasionally kicks me in the head when she needs to adjust her position.

I had a great weekend with food choices, weighed today and am down 4 more pds.  31 total in a little over 5 weeks.  I’ve been motivated over these past weeks but passing the 30 pd mark was a huge goal.  I don’t think there is any food worth jeopardizing my success!  If the food isn’t on my list of foods I am allowed to eat, I’m not eating it!!  I will repeat, this wasn’t easy.  The first days sucked!!!  I’ve had challenging moments here and there but I hung on, I promised I would. I knew I had to be ready for full commitment.  I knew I had to give up foods that I was not prepared to give up.  It was like I needed to hit that rock bottom moment.  A simple moment in the grocery store with my friend Ann changed things.  She said “you can do it, you’ve done it before”.  She knew I hadn’t eaten the right way when I lost weight the first time and she reminded me of that.  She just reminded me that I had the will power to do it.  I knew what I needed to do!!

I can’t stress enough, sometimes we need help!!  It is ok to admit that you need it.  So many people try to lose weight and don’t want to seek support.  The absolute best thing you can do is get support!!!  I always tell my husband how I am feeling about myself and he will support me 100%.  He will not bring temptations home & just encourages me daily.  I have a gym buddy who encourages me and gets my butt to the gym.  I’ve confessed my food weakness to Tony.  It didn’t bring joy to admit to him that I was eating entire boxes of Swiss cake rolls.  Wasn’t fun telling him how many calories I was eating in sugar and shit.  I knew being  honest with him was the only way I was going to get his help.  I never hesitating in asking either because I knew he wasn’t going to judge me.  I just knew I had to be prepared for his brutal honesty and to follow his rules.  So get some support behind you, makes a world of difference!!!!

By the way, my gym buddy is so awesome!!  She’s taking a major punishment for me.  To support me in this journey, she agreed to do a personal training session when I got to 30 pds.  She is SCARED TO DEATH!!!  Love ya B!!!

Another pd. Gone!!

  • Posted on October 21, 2016 at 10:20 am


The above quote rings so true for me.  I have struggled for a long time giving up certain foods.  For me to lose weight, it was easier for me to eat very little or to eat nothing and starve.  I have never wanted to give up what I like.  At times I assumed I could be successful with portion control.  The reality for me is that once I eat the carb and sugar packed foods that I love so much, I am going to binge on those foods.  The bingeing isn’t for a few hours or a day or two, it’s weeks!  Not one Little Debbie cake but the whole box.  I don’t mean a box over the course of a week, I mean in a day or two!  Once I start the bingeing process I can’t stop.  I’ve always been one way or the other.  Eat very little or eat a ton!!  This diet I started 5 weeks ago hasn’t been easy.  I promised to eat as I was told and my appetite has really been curbed from those intense cravings.  Of course I have moments or days here and there where I think about cake or cookies BUT nothing like before.  The last five weeks have been the most successful I have ever had in my life and I have stuck to a good program.

So my payoff, today I checked my weight and I lost another pound!  I’m so excited – 27 pounds lost in five weeks.  Hitting 30 is going to be awesome.

Good luck to each of you in reaching your goals, no matter what they are.  Push through and stick it out.  Have a great weekend! #riseabove

New treat

  • Posted on October 17, 2016 at 1:16 pm



Good day all!  Starting week 5.  Getting the hang of this in terms of what to eat but I’ll be honest not every day is easy.  Now and then I think about what I’d really LIKE to eat. Soda really isn’t a problem anymore but I still have passing thoughts of cake and cookies.  Certain types of cookies though so I just don’t have them in the house.

So I want to share my new treat.  This of course wasn’t my find, Tony told me about it.  In case you aren’t aware, I am a huge coffee drinker!!  I used to drink it with half n half. Back when I got too thin, I had to cut out half n half because I was counting those calories towards food intake. So I have been drinking my coffee black for the last 3 years.  Tony told me to put grass fed butter in my coffee with Emulsified MCT Oil creamy vanilla.  It is amazing!!!  You can go to their website to read about the benefits

I also wanted to mention something else because I have had several people tell me that they are embarrassed to start working out at a gym because of their size.  First, who gives a shit what others think of you??!!  Haters can only hate on you if you let them!!!!  If you are a Chesapeake, VA local then you need to try Fitness 19.  Nobody at this gym gives a crap about your size.  Most people have their earbuds in listening to music and could give two craps about what you are doing.  Bailey and I have been working out there together for about 4 years now and we have so many people that we wave to, say hello, chat with and we don’t even know these people’s names.  It’s just that kind of place.  Nice people who speak, who have the same goal as everyone else there.  Tony and his wife Melissa have a great crew of people who just want people to be healthy.  Don’t worry about judgment, don’t let that stop you!!!  So get up and get moving and #riseabove

No changes

  • Posted on October 16, 2016 at 1:34 pm



Well, I hit the four week mark Friday the 14th and I’m still at 26 pds.  I’m not disappointed but it was hard not to have my hopes up a little too. I mean who really expects to lose 26 pds in three weeks right?  So of course I was hoping to drop a few more over this past week.

I’m staying on course but today I am a little down.  I haven’t been feeling great so my activity over the weekend as been low.  Today I am watching scary movies – Halloween marathon.  I am also going to try to figure out how to sew elastic and ribbons on to ballet point shoes.  That basically sums up my activity level.

So Nothing majorly new to report.  I am not posting a new pic cause there is not change – bummer.  I will be adding Insanity back into my workouts, keep you posted on that.  #riseabove



3 week mark – update

  • Posted on October 7, 2016 at 1:02 pm



Three weeks and still going strong.  No sugar, no soda, no cookies or cake!!  It’s amazing.  I never thought I could do that.  For the most part my cravings are gone.  I have had a couple of days that were tough.  More so towards the beginning of the change in my diet but recently I had a day that was a struggle.  I wanted a soda so bad and I had to fight that urge ALL DAY!!!!  I focused on the progress I have made and the promises I made to myself and my husband and the commitment of hard work I promised to Tony.  I made it through the urge and felt great the next day.

I am thrilled to report that as of today, 3 weeks in, I have lost 26 pounds.  Next Friday I will post a new comparison photo.

Make a promise to yourself.  No matter what your goal is, whatever you want to achieve.  I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be fit and healthy.  I know I need help so I asked for it.  I know I need support so I shared my goal with my husband.  It’s working for me.  Stick it out, it’s worth it.  #riseabove



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