Three weeks and still going strong.  No sugar, no soda, no cookies or cake!!  It’s amazing.  I never thought I could do that.  For the most part my cravings are gone.  I have had a couple of days that were tough.  More so towards the beginning of the change in my diet but recently I had a day that was a struggle.  I wanted a soda so bad and I had to fight that urge ALL DAY!!!!  I focused on the progress I have made and the promises I made to myself and my husband and the commitment of hard work I promised to Tony.  I made it through the urge and felt great the next day.

I am thrilled to report that as of today, 3 weeks in, I have lost 26 pounds.  Next Friday I will post a new comparison photo.

Make a promise to yourself.  No matter what your goal is, whatever you want to achieve.  I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be fit and healthy.  I know I need help so I asked for it.  I know I need support so I shared my goal with my husband.  It’s working for me.  Stick it out, it’s worth it.  #riseabove



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