Well, I hit the four week mark Friday the 14th and I’m still at 26 pds.  I’m not disappointed but it was hard not to have my hopes up a little too. I mean who really expects to lose 26 pds in three weeks right?  So of course I was hoping to drop a few more over this past week.

I’m staying on course but today I am a little down.  I haven’t been feeling great so my activity over the weekend as been low.  Today I am watching scary movies – Halloween marathon.  I am also going to try to figure out how to sew elastic and ribbons on to ballet point shoes.  That basically sums up my activity level.

So Nothing majorly new to report.  I am not posting a new pic cause there is not change – bummer.  I will be adding Insanity back into my workouts, keep you posted on that.  #riseabove



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