The above quote rings so true for me.  I have struggled for a long time giving up certain foods.  For me to lose weight, it was easier for me to eat very little or to eat nothing and starve.  I have never wanted to give up what I like.  At times I assumed I could be successful with portion control.  The reality for me is that once I eat the carb and sugar packed foods that I love so much, I am going to binge on those foods.  The bingeing isn’t for a few hours or a day or two, it’s weeks!  Not one Little Debbie cake but the whole box.  I don’t mean a box over the course of a week, I mean in a day or two!  Once I start the bingeing process I can’t stop.  I’ve always been one way or the other.  Eat very little or eat a ton!!  This diet I started 5 weeks ago hasn’t been easy.  I promised to eat as I was told and my appetite has really been curbed from those intense cravings.  Of course I have moments or days here and there where I think about cake or cookies BUT nothing like before.  The last five weeks have been the most successful I have ever had in my life and I have stuck to a good program.

So my payoff, today I checked my weight and I lost another pound!  I’m so excited – 27 pounds lost in five weeks.  Hitting 30 is going to be awesome.

Good luck to each of you in reaching your goals, no matter what they are.  Push through and stick it out.  Have a great weekend! #riseabove

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