Today marks 6 weeks since I stopped eating sugar.   I have lost a total of 34 pounds.  From 10/21 to 10/28 I lost 6 pounds.  Cravings for sugar are pretty much gone.  I occasionally crave a soda but for the most part it’s much easier.

Going to the grocery store is so much easier as well.  I don’t fine myself wishing I could eat certain foods.  I have found new foods that taste great and are on the list of foods I am allowed to have. This past Sunday we had steak & asparagus for dinner and it was delicious.  I definitely ate more steak than my husband & I still lost weight.  I am loving avocados and am completely obsessed with the Onnit MCT oil that I put in my coffee.

This has been a life changing diet for me.  I truly didn’t think it was possible to lose weight and eat.  Over the past 4 years, no matter what Tony said to me, I just couldn’t make myself commit to a healthy diet.  I wanted to do what he said but I just couldn’t do it without starving and then bingeing.  I’ve spent 4 years wasting his time and mine.

It is time for me to let that all go.  Of course I’m annoyed that at Halloween 4 years ago I weighed around 138 pounds but there is nothing I can do about it now.  I need to focus on my success now and just be happy with it.  Have a great weekend!  Happy Halloween!  #riseabove

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