October has come and gone.  I made it through Halloween without eating more candy than I handed out.  I also didn’t dig through my daughter’s candy like I normally do after she goes to bed.  No candy and it was a nice change.  An accomplishment!  Our daughter was a Zombie Cheerleader this year.  Full on make-up with the whole liquid latex, ripped flesh oozing with blood thing!!  The days of Glenda the good witch are over!!

I’m blogging today about what I ACTUALLY eat.  I’ve had friends in-box me, email me, text me etc.  I am happy to share what I do.  First I must say that I didn’t figure this out on my own,  I have help.  Trust me I have been a pain in Tony’s side for like 4 yrs!!!  For those of you I have recently started chatting with – I go to his gym, Fitness 19.  He’s been trying to help me get this diet thing under control.

So Tony knows I have a sugar addiction and he know’s I have epilepsy. Multiple reasons for removing sugar from my diet.  The short summary is I eat meat and veggies.  A high protein AND high fat diet.  Good fats.  I cook with Olive oil, Coconut oil or grass fed butter.  The brand of grass fed butter I have found in my area is called Kerrygold.  Here are examples of meals:


Eggs and bacon or ham.  I’m not really a breakfast person so I drink coffee with grass fed butter and MCT oil creamy vanilla.  Here is a pic of the MCT oil.

image The web address is www.onnit.com & I find it very filling.  Drinking a couple of cups of coffee with the butter and MCT oil really fills me up til lunch.


Ham – I buy the ham steaks and cook those and keep it in the frig.  Leftover meat from the evening before.  Salad with avocados.  Avocados are an awesome fat.


Steak, fish (salmon, tilapia), pork and chicken.  Asparagus, salad with avocado, green beans, Butternut squash, yams with butter.  I do limit squash and yams – not an every week veggie but I do eat them.  Overall I don’t love veggies so I am learning.  My friend found a really good frozen veggie pack that is finely chopped cauliflower, peas and carrots and it’s delicious.

Those are some examples.  I make dinner for my family and we all pretty much eat the same.  My husband hates fish so I usually fix that on an evening he has a meeting so he doesn’t have to see it or smell it.  They all pretty much like the foods.  If I make them potato soup for example, something I can’t have, I just fix myself a burger with avocado – yummy!!  I just modify.  It works for me and I do feel really good.

I have had great success so far.  34 pds in 6 weeks.  This hasn’t been an easy change but it is the first thing that has worked for me.  I’ve never been able to lose weight eating.  I only know how to lose weight by basically starving – that is not a permanent fix!!!!  So there you go, I hope that helps a bit.  Please feel free to continue to ask questions.

If you struggle as bad as I have/do,  I can’t stress enough how important it is to seek support.  Keep any Dr.’s you have informed and just find someone really good to help you.  Best of luck! #riseabove

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