Today marks 7 weeks without sugar.  I didn’t lose any weight this past week but I lost 6 pds the week before and 34 overall.  No complaints from me.  Next Friday will be a photo comparison.

I did have a week moment a couple of days ago.  I weighed and was disappointed that my weight wasn’t down.  I got a little lecture reminding me that I lost 6 pds the week before and that I need to enjoy this whole process.  I totally forgot!  I’ve always wanted the immediate results and then I end up getting frustrated after a short time and ultimately give up.  I’m not allowing myself to do that this time.  I’m changing my eating habits.  This isn’t just “I’m on a diet”. I am eliminating sugar period.  So after that brief lecture, I’ve stayed focused and moved forward.  Focused and motivated.  So have a great weekend everyone!  #riseabove

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