Friday was 11 weeks of no sugar.  Working the keto diet.  Possibly one of the hardest things I have done.  To date I am down 39 pds.  I’ve been at 39 for a couple of weeks BUT over Thanksgiving week I had family in town and then we were out of the area for a couple of days so I didn’t work out much.  I also wasn’t drinking enough water.   I know I would have broken the 40 mark had I remained focused on workouts and water intake so I am not without fault.  I’m still thrilled with my progress though so no complaints!!  Just pushing forward doing what I know I need to do.

Christmas is just three weeks away so I have the Christmas cookie battle ahead of me.  Cookies are a big no no for me!!  I fought a cookie battle the other day and I won!!  I have a daughter & she adores making Christmas cookies!  I can’t take that from her so I will be forced to shield myself with will power.  My favorite are Spritz.  I am the one who likes those most so I will not be making them.  My husband and daughters favorites I think I can pass up.  So that is my plan.  I just don’t have a choice!!  Cookie will power is in full force!!!  Have a great day all!!  #riseabove

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